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The VTV Family Outreach Foundation family thanks you for your kind donation! Your generosity will assist us in our mission to promote and advocate for public safety and security of the nation’s colleges and universities, and to provide assistance and services to victims of campus crime and their families.

When you submit your donation, the system will present you with an immediate automated summary of your donation and will also email you a copy of the same.  Either can be printed considered your gift receipt!  We advise that you print and save a receipt for your records, as the IRS requires documentation of all tax-deductible contributions. Our Tax ID number is 27-1093849.

Please note that no goods or services were provided for this gift.  Your gift is deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Please consult your tax adviser for any questions you may have.

VTV Family Outreach Foundation
PO Box 230024, Centreville, VA 20120
*All donations are tax-deductible

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