Campus Safety Act of 2011

What You Can Do

The Center to Advance, Monitor, and Preserve University Security Safety Act of 2011 ("CAMPUS Safety Act") will create a National Center to gather experts to determine "best practices" of campus safety. The Center would educate and train campus safety agencies, conduct research and develop protocols for all types of natural and man-made emergencies. It would create a funding parity for campus law enforcement with other law enforcement agencies.

U.S. Representative Bobby Scott (VA-3) introduced H.R. 2342 in the House and Senator Mark Warner introduced S. 1749 in the Senate. Please take advantage of the resources listed to help pass this piece of critical legislation.

Campus Safety Act of 2011 Fact Sheet - All the information you will need to speak to your legislators.

Sign the Petition asking the White House to Support the Campus Safety Act
Sign the Petition asking Congress to Support the Campus Safety Act of

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Write/Fax your Representative: Find addresses and fax numbers at this website: Use these sample letters: U.S. Senate (Microsoft Word) and U.S. House (Microsoft Word).

Call your Representative: Follow the call instructions here.

Supporters of the Campus Safety Act: Find out who is supporting the Campus Safety Act of 2011 here.

Campus Safety Act News: Read here.

Status of S. 1749, the Senate version, click here.

Status of H.R. 2342, the House version, click here.