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Survivors -- Where Are They Now

Kristina Heeger Anderson

Kristina created the Koshka Foundation in 2007, to promote safety in school systems and create public awareness. Kristina gives speeches about her life changing experience through the foundation.

Founded Students for Non-Violence at Virginia Tech with Dr. Jerzy Nowak and John Welch: http://www.cpsvp.vt.edu/snv/index.html
Participated in the National Student Safety Summit 2009: served on the Student Panel for the Texas School-Based Law Enforcement Conference 2009): http://www.comfori.com/nsss/anderson.php

Jamal Carver

Jamal Carver:  After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, Jamal received his Masters in Engineering Mechanics from Penn State University. He is currently working as a structural engineer contractor at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut.


Frederick Cook

Fred currently works as an “entrepreneur” in Blacksburg.  He co-founded Heyo, Inc. with Rishi Ishairzay in May 2010 with seed funding from DayOneVentures.  Fred recently issued a press release announcing its new mobile application, Heyo, for download on the iPhone™ and Android™ that lets users create social plans while also sharing their future location information with friends.

 “With Heyo, the act of making plans is fun and collaborative. No formal invitations. Just a simple, constantly updated list on your phone that lets you know where your friends will be in the future,” says Frederick Cook, co-founder of Heyo, a new start-up based in Blacksburg, Va..

Learn more about Fred at http://frederickcook.com/

Colin Goddard

Colin graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a B.A. in International Studies. Now working as Assistant Director of Federal Legislation for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington, D.C., Colin shares his experience to educate others about gun violence and the weaknesses in US gun laws.
The story of how Colin became involved in gun violence prevention is documented in the film Living for 32 http://livingfor32.com/

In 2009, Colin used an undercover camera to show how easy it is to buy guns without ID, paperwork, or background checks:

Colin and his father Andrew currently blog on various issues for the Huffington Post:

Living for 32 on Facebook:

Follow Colin on Twitter:

Emily Haas

Emily is teaching preschool at Grymes Memorial School in Orange, Virginia.

A Year after Va. Tech, she helps troubled students: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24055987/

Lily Habtu (Former Member of the VTV Board of Directors)

Elilta "Lily" Habtu graduated from Virginia Tech in 2007 with a B.S. in Psychology.  After being injured in the shootings, Elilta advocated for safer gun laws in America and along with fellow victims of the VT tragedy she co-founded Students for Gun Free Schools a grassroots movement to keep public campuses safe. She is currently studying her master’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.   She is honored to have served as a member of the board and excited to see the foundation continue to grow.

Lily Habtu: Co-Founder, Students for Gun Free Schools: http://www.studentsforgunfreeschools.org/


Sean McQuade

Sean McQuade works as a tutor and a substitute teacher.  He is currently studying for his actuary exams.

Sean at the Flyers Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd5kiOq_57A

Heidi Miller

“More Than ‘Just a Survivor, article by Heather Bowser, staff writer for Daily News-Record and Bloom magazine, subsidiaries of Rockingham Publishing Co., Inc., published in Bloom, Summer 2010 issue.  Cover Image, Photography and Photo Illustration by Nikki Fox.

“Meeting Heidi Miller, What I learned from the hardest-and best-story of my career”, Column by Heather Bowser, staff writer for Daily News-Record and Bloom magazine, subsidiaries of Rockingham Publishing Co., Inc., published in Bloom, Summer 2010 issue. Photography by Nikki Fox.

Derek O'Dell

Derek currently attends veterinary school at Virginia Tech and is expected to graduate in 2013. He is currently president of Omega Tau Sigma - Lambda Chapter (The National Veterinary Service Fraternity) and stays involved through community service activities in Blacksburg. Derek recently got engaged to his high school sweetheart. 

Kevin Sterne

After graduating in May 2010 with a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, Kevin chose to remain in Blacksburg and work for Virginia Tech as a Radio Frequency Engineer. Kevin maintains several radar sites used by the Electrical Engineering Department to conduct space science research.
These sites include two in Canada, two in Virginia, and two in Kansas.  As part of a multi-institution collaborative effort, Kevin has  also been assisting in the construction of new radar sites.

When not working, Kevin travels to visit old friends that he met in college who have since dispersed from Blacksburg and other friends that he knew before college. He also enjoys getting in the outdoors, camping and taking photos of neat views/plants/animals he finds along the way. He is currently serving on the VTV Board of Directors.

Kevin Sterne Interview with Planet Blacksburg:

Kevin Sterne, as guest of Laura Bush, at President Bush¹s 2008 State of the Union address: http://www.roanoke.com/news/nrv/wb/148761

Kevin also was invited to a party at the White House for a farewell party for President Bush: From the Guest List for the President's Farewell Address to the Nation: Kevin Sterne, Graduate Student, Virginia Tech (Eighty Four,

Kevin Sterne is a Graduate Student at Virginia Tech and was a 2007 graduate of Virginia Tech with a double degree in Electrical Engineering and in Media Communications.  Mr. Sterne was in Norris Hall on Virginia Tech¹s campus on April 16, 2007, when a shooter went on a rampage killing 32 people and then himself.  Mr. Sterne used an electrical cord as a tourniquet to stop his wounds from bleeding until the rampage ended, and he could be carried to safety by emergency personnel.  The photograph of Mr. Sterne being carried by rescue workers with the tourniquet around his wounded leg became a defining image of the worst school shooting in our country's history.