Trees give life and inspire life.

The VTV Family Outreach Foundation Memorial Tree Grove honors the victims and the survivors of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy, in which a gunman took the lives of 32 students and faculty and left 24 physically injured, 17 by bullets.  Many more were traumatized to varying degrees.

On Sunday, April 29, 2018, VTV initiated the first planting of the grove at Chinquapin Park in Alexandria, Virginia. Designed by landscape architecture students studying at Virginia Tech’s Old Town campus, 49 trees were planted with the help of the City of Alexandria and members of the community.

Each spring an ellipse of 32 red buds call us to remember the tragic loss of lives at Virginia Tech in 2007. 17 tupelo embrace the red buds in an arch. In the beginning of each school year, the brilliant fall color of the tupelo will remind us of the need to continue to take action to keep our schools safe.

Eventually, an additional 17 oak trees around the memorial will strengthen the tree canopy and shelter visitors to the park. As well, between the red buds and the tupelos is a walkway
and, nestled among the tupelos on the outside of the walk, there will be three benches to offer places to rest and contemplate in shade and comfort.

Additionally, a large Hokie stone will be placed near where people naturally enter the grove. Finally, a commemorative plaque will invite visitors from the sidewalk into the memorial grove of trees, a living reminder of those lost and the work we need to do to end gun violence.

The opening created by the red buds encourages us to come together as a community, as a nation, to reflect upon what happened and what still needs to happen to prevent such tragedies.

VTV is determined to give the lives lost to a gunman additional meaning by working to strengthen the nation’s background check system, which failed them. We call this project Campaign 32.

To volunteer to help water the trees or discuss a special donation, please contact Executive Director Paul Friedman at

We offer our thanks to those who have contributed to our cause and our grove so far in 2018.

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