Campaign 32

Working with states to prevent tragedies



Campaign 32 will empower VTV to advocate that all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. take action to prevent Virginia Tech-type tragedies by ensuring all the names of people deemed a prohibited person under state and federal law, especially those found to be a danger to themselves or others and committed to treatment, are entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, also known as NICS.

The Virginia Tech shooter was found by a court to be a danger to himself but, because he received outpatient services, he was never entered into the background check system.  As a result, 32 people were killed, at least 24 people were injured and hundreds more were traumatized in the worst such attack on a college campus in our nation’s history.

To help ensure this horrific tragedy never happens again, the VTV Family Outreach Foundation has established Campaign 32, which works to create real, meaningful and measurable change by making sure that all states fully participate in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Notably, our mission is supported by groups across the political spectrum, including Everytown for Gun Safety, The Brady Campaign, The Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association.

Since the system was created in 1998, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System has proven effective at preventing millions of criminals and other prohibited persons from buying guns from federally licensed firearms dealers. Of those, more than 27,000 were blocked because they were deemed a prohibited person based on their mental state. Getting every state to add all the names they have identified that fit in that category would significantly improve the safety of our schools and our communities.

We, the families and survivors of the Virginia Tech tragedy, want to make sure our story isn’t yours. Now is the time to get every state to act to strengthen our safety by improving the effectiveness of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, an exceptional law enforcement tool. With your help, we can make that happen.

Please join our movement to save lives and choose to become a Founding Donor by donating $32 or more. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.